Schiller Water Bike S1C

$8,495.00 inc GST

Includes water bike, outdrive, pontoons and wooden running boards.

Designed for salt water, the S1-C water bike employs a proprietary drive train that enables riders to easily create forward thrust with a high degree of maneuverability, even in reverse. Featuring Gates Carbon Drive belts, integrated steering and propulsion, and an array of accessories, the S1-C water bike delivers a silent, smooth and incredibly fun cycling experience across the water. Rugged, inflatable pontoons ensure maximum rider safety on the water while also enabling easy stowage of multiple water bikes.

The S1-C water bike is ergonomically designed with interchangeable bike components (saddle, handlebars, cranks, and pedals) and a variety of color combinations.


Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 380 × 900 mm

Medium, Large


White on white, Red on white, Black on black / grey


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